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90% complete, 90% to go......12 hrs

From the photos it looks like not much has changed, but hours and hours of work disappear while making and fitting these components. I ended up reworking my throttle quadrant as I was not getting quite enough travel with the throttle or mixture levers. I made two new narrower levers, lengthened the slot in the phenolic block, plus lengthened the throw of each by 1/2". The increased throw meant that I also had to machine the bottom of the phenolic block for the cable clamps to clear it plus make a new cable mount so that the inner cables ran straight. I made a couple of cable holders and fitted rubber grommets to hold the cables secure and make it all neat and tidy.

Installed throttle and mixture quadrant

This photo shows the business end...The fuel injector is fitted to the motor, however it will probably get taken off at least once or twice while I fiddle around with fuel line and air filter installation. The battery is fitted. I am now waiting for my order of cables, solenoids and switches to arrive so that I can start on wiring it up. I cheated with the battery box, I made a template for drilling the holes into the stainless firewall and then used that to drill the holes in the battery box. Trying to drill the holes through the battery box into the stainless or trying to do it from the inside through the stainless and into the battery box would have been impossible. I wasted a bit of aluminium but it saved a heap of frustration.

Battery box, the strap is pulling the battery out.

The next photo shows the fuel injector and underside of the motor.

Aero injector fitted, awaiting air filter and heat box.

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