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It has taken another 50 hours of stuffing around. All I had to do was put the wings on and connect everything up.......sounds simple doesn't it? Well the reality of squeezing my fat arse upside down in the nose inserting bolts, split pins, connecting airlines etc, etc is hard work. I ended up machining up aluminum 'bullets to help line up the wing bolts as I couldn't get the bolts through on my first attempt.

I also discovered that when both wheel spats were fitted they looked like a blind person had installed them. At home I didn't have room to assemble it properly and I'd made the undercarriage legs before I'd even started on the fuselage. Trying to get all the angles correct when welding and drilling the steel fittings with only basic equipment, well I goofed it. I ended up grinding off the attachment lug, and remaking it. I used a spirit level to ensure it was the same each side.

The aircraft has been final inspected, weighed and balanced, photographed and all the paperwork completed and sent off for approval and the issuing of a test flying approval. So hopefully in the next 2 or 3 weeks I will get that treasured bit of paper back.


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