This is my very first video posted to the internet, and my very first engine start of my Aerovee Engine. The video does not show my happy dance which followed after the camera was turned off! Amazingly, it ran pretty smoothly, I was expecting to be too lean or rich, maybe an oil leak. However, it really was pretty good. It's not all perfect, my tacho wasn't working and my oil pressure went from zero to max. I have since moved my tacho wire to the exciter side of the coils and changed the setting on the RDAC for the oil pressure sender. Testing will have to wait a couple of days before I torment the neighbors with the racket.

I have been very slack as far as keeping my page up to date. However my first flight was on the 25th June 2019. I cut it short as the engine was not producing enough power and started running even worse after about a lap around the runway. My bravery can only go so far....hence I called it short and landed straight away. For a brand new aircraft, a low time tail dragger pilot and just a little nervous as well, it was a beautiful landing! My initial suspicions were that it was the throttle body not adjusted correctly. However, after more stuffing around than I care to admit to I discovered that the exhaust valve spring on number one cylinder was broken. How the hell it didn't drop the valve or hit the piston I have no idea. Since replacing all the valve springs, resetting the height of the valve gear plus richening up the fuel mixture it has been running much better. I am up to 28 hours so far.