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Throttle and mixture quadrant

This is the result after 8 hours of work. I don't like the look of the Aerovee one, I know that it is compact but I reckon that it looks like a fancy lawn mower throttle when up in the corner. So I spent a bit of time looking at Aircraft Spruce's quadrants, I was all set to order one and then discovered that they are made to order and I wasn't entirely sure that the orientation would work as the throttle is reversed and the mixture is normal. So an hour of doodling and a raid of my scrap box I came up with this. The best bit is that it cost me about $20 for the knobs and motorbike cable adjusters. Just don't cost up the man hours!

This almost finished, I've still to rivet the front plate into place.

I used nut plates to make it easier to use some AN525 screws from the outside via standoffs to make it easy to fit. There was a bit of time spent machining up the spacers and the cable holders.

This is the finished result. I can pretend to be a fighter jock now and the engine operations are easy to do one handed.

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