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Engine almost complete

I've had the flu all this week, but today was beautiful weather but unfortunately I still wasn't fit to fly but I was certainly fit to potter around in the shed! I finished up as much as possible on the engine today, I have statically set the secondary ignition timing but I will put a timing light on it once the wiring is done and I can actually turn the motor over with the starter motor to double check it. I had to raid my scrap metal box to make up a lifting jig to pick up the motor, it's not like a normal car engine where the manufacturer helpfully adds a couple of lifting points on it. So I made up a couple of brackets out of scrap aluminium angle, then some off cuts of tie down chain on a steel bar and then I was able to carry the motor using our smallest excavator. The whole thing was a piece of cake after that. Which meant that once the motor was finished on the bench I couldn't help myself and mounted it onto the aircraft with the expectation that I could pull it back off again if I needed to, but it looks like I won't need to as the access is ok.

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