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Control sticks and elevator control....20 hrs

In the photo it looks really simple, just hook up the push rods and control assembly that I'd already made about 3 years ago. Well, it didn't quite work that way! Firstly I realised that I hadn't ordered enough bronze bushes for all of the control linkages. This would not be a problem if I lived in the USA however in Australia we went metric a long time ago. They just don't seem to exist in Australia, I was stuffed if I was going to spend $50 freight on a handful of bushes that cost less than $10. My tight arseness runs deep! $8 later I now have a life time supply of bronze rod. But all of this takes time, I ended up machining all of the bushes, plus one stuff up. But I am immensely pleased with how the controls all went together, no slop and silky smooth. I ran into problems with the bottom of the control sticks fouling on the top of the spar tunnel, this also restricted the amount of travel available which wasn't enough. I've ended up moving the control sticks upwards by 1/2" which was the simplest solution. But the elevators work a treat and I am now ready to permanently attach the rear fuselage bottom. I'm busy getting started on finishing off the aileron linkages, I have almost run out of things to do apart from painting now.

Completed control stick assembly and elevator push rods.

This is one of the bushes that took me a couple of hours of stuffing around to make.

Custom made bronze bushes for control system.

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