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Sonex #1566 | Virginia South Australia

Hi there from South Australia. This is my log of scratch building a standard gear Sonex. I've got an Aerovee still in boxes and a ground adjustable Sensenich Prop. I started with the wings first, which seemed to take a long time to create a pile of bits that didn't look much like an aircraft. But the amazing thing is by keeping at it bit by bit I've now got the wings, tail plane, fin and almost the complete aft fuselage to look at. I'm sure that it's called scratch building due to my bald spot getting continually scratched!

I started this project about 4 years ago with a wad of plans which I pored and worried over for about 4 months before I got up the courage to purchase two sheets of 6061 aluminium sheet and start cutting and bending my first wing rib.

About Me.

We are a couple who know that life is far to important to take seriously. Which means that we encourage readers of this site to stop doing it and get outside and explore what life has to offer without reading our views about it!

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