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Constructing the main spar

The main spar can be ordered pre-built from Sonex in the US, however that's not the way I do things. Mostly because I can't afford to and also because once I got my head into it I was determined to see the project through properly and the lessons that I've learn't have made it worthwhile. The main spar is made up of a lamination of 32 thou, 90 thou and 125 thou. For the beginners, 32 thou means 0.032 of an inch which is 0.81 mm thick. If you are under 40 and not born in the USA you will be faced with a steep learning curve getting your head around the different measurement system. It's a little like learning a new language, the best way is to just think in inches and stop trying to convert all the time as it's just too hard.

Marking and cutting out, plus several hundred holes drilled, up drilled and deburred, holes counter sunk, dimpled and finally riveted took approx 60 hours to complete.

Bucking the solid rivets
Drilling the pilot holes in the centre lamination.

Dimpled 32 thou centre lamination for counter sunk rivets.

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