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The very first step

After 4 months of looking over the plans and wondering just what the hell I'd got myself into, I finally made a start. The first step was a tentative phone call or three to find a supplier for the 6061-T6 aluminium sheeting in Australia. I settled on Airport Metals in Melbourne as they seemed the easiest to deal with especially with my dumb questions and also could sell small amounts and roll the metal up to save on freight costs. There are some very informative videos on the EAA website on how to form wing ribs. The theory being is that once you can make one of these, then the same skills can be used to make just about anything else out of sheet metal on the air

Pile of forward wing ribs. Each one took about 45 mins to make.


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We are a couple who know that life is far to important to take seriously. Which means that we encourage readers of this site to stop doing it and get outside and explore what life has to offer without reading our views about it!

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